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Lawrence Tan
CEA Registration No: R013482E
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Lawrence Tan

Contact numbers:

Mobile: +65 9455 5533
Tel: +65 64718888
Fax: +65 64710033
CEA: L3009250K/R013482E

Senior Associate Executive Director

Since 1999, Lawrence Tan has personally brokered many residential, commercial and industrial properties with record sales. He is well-known by industry insiders and his clients for securing particularly hard-to-get high-end units.

This canny character possesses powerful negotiating skills that stand him in good stead in his business dealings, while he specialises in the market of luxury properties.

His personal principle is simple and effective: Deliver what you promise. Always had the client interest before your self interest. Invest in long term relationship.

The property guru keeps himself constantly ahead of the market trends in demand and supply by lapping up all kinds of financial news fervently.

"I’m a very rational person. I read a lot to give customers the facts and figures. I also offer my analysis of the following eight months’ market trends to advise them on whether to buy or sell. And I believe that sellers' properties should be sold in the shortest amount of time for fair market values.”

The Qualities That Matter

Tan graduated from the University of London with honours in Economics for his Bachelor of Science degree in (1996). Till today, he still displays that extreme set of self-discipline and strength of character that he used for his studies.

Having been a financial consultant as well for 13 years (1996-2008), he is renowned as a formidable business adversary who perseveres until his (which are ultimately his clients’) goals are achieved.

He has also proven to be a natural-born leader equipped with a sharp mind and an intricate network of resources, which he has built up over 14 years in the industry.

His philosophy in working with trust is another reason why his clients stay loyal to him, “I go for long-term businesses; I’ve never been the fly-by-night type in any job that I do.”

A Polished Leader

In the years 2012 and 2013, Lawrence clinched the highest accolade in Orange Tee, which had a strength of over 2,000 associates then, as the Life-long Achievement Achievers( ONE AND ONLY IN THE COMPANY). And he got promoted to Top Senior Associate District Director.

When Tan first joined Orange Tee in 2004, he had only a small team of six associates. Currently, he helms a group of over 200 full-time associates. They are organised into 10 teams, and are headed by associate directors who have different expertise in the areas of residential, commercial and land sales or leasing.

As innate as a second nature, Tan manages his team of associates smoothly, “All along, I’ve aspired to be a good management personnel, to groom associates to become producers (associates with top results), who become leaders themselves. It shows that the techniques that I’ve acquired are effective.

“We’ve been the number one group in terms of sales in the company at the end of both 2008, 2009 and 2011. First runner up 2013. I’ve many producers in my team who have clinched Top 100 accolades in Orange Tee; in fact, many of them among the top 10.”

“In the Maslow hierarchy, basic needs rank bottom and needs such as creativity, morality and problem-solving are at the top. So my next level of satisfaction is to groom people to be as successful. In fact, I’ve groomed one associate to rise to the same rank as I am today!”

Personally Speaking…

Self-professed as someone who can’t sit still for long, Tan is always looking for new activities to join. The former athlete and NCC member is now a member of the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and SICC where he takes part in many of their activities.

To top that, he constantly signs up for investment seminars and workshops to upgrade his knowledge and management skills. In turn, he organises group meetings and workshops for his own team members at Orange Tee to share his new-found strategies.

The sociable producer enjoys catching up with his high net-worth customers and even associates from other firms. “It can be just a social meal; I like to build friendships and network.”

Where once he was a workaholic who laboured every day of the week, the senior director now has a stable routine that includes quality time with his wife and two young children. With his own family, he has learnt to put himself in the shoes of his clients to a better fit.

“My customers see me as a trustworthy and professional realtor who can take care of their lifetime assets for their children. I believe picking out good properties is just like investing in Patek Philippe watches, they are meant to last for generations.”-Quoted


BSc (Econ) Hons.


Experience: 14 years

1999 – 2002 Dennis Wee Property

2002- 2004 RealStar Property

2004 – today Orange Tee

Area of Specialty:Districts 9, 10 , apartments and landed properties in Sentosa (District 4)


2014 Top Senior Associate District Director
2014 10 Years Long Service Award
2014 Top 30 Achievers (28th Position)

2013 Top Senior Group Associate Director (1st Runner-up)
2013 Top 20 Achievers (13th Position)

2012 Top 20 Achievers (13th Position)

2011 Top Senior Group Associate Director (Champion)
2011 Life Long Achievement
2011 Top 30 Achievers (28th Position)

2010 Top 20 Achievers (11th Poition)

2009 Top 20 Achievers (11th Position)
2009 Top Senior Group Associate Director (Champion)

2008 Top 30 Achievers (26th Position)
2008 Top Senior Group Associate Director (Champion)

2007 Top 10 Achievers (11th Position)
Top 1% Achievers
Top 1% Achievers
Lifelong Achievement
Lifelong Achievement
Top 100 Achievers
Top Categories - 2nd Runner-up
Training & Experience
Course Name
Heighten Professional Conducts to Increase Sales Performance
CEA Estate Agency Industry Conference
OrangeTee Business Conference 2019: Partnering for Success Through New Real Estate Digital Ecosystem
Overseas Property Loans and Refinancing Your Property
Develop Insights In Money Laundering (ML) & Financing of Terrorism (FT) Regulations in Real Estate
Heighten Professional Conducts to Increase Sales Performance
OrangeTee Business Conference 2018: Transforming Together in the Digital World
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