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Roy Chang
CEA Registration No: R014005A
2 Reviews
4 sales listings, 1 rent listing
Roy is a Senior Associate Executive Director in Orangetee

Awards :
2018 (Round Table Award) Earned $2,000,000 commission
2017 (SAED) Senior Associate Executive Director 2nd Runner Up
2016 (AED) Associate Executive Director 2nd Runner Up
2015 (AED) Associate Executive Director 1st Runner Up
2014 TOP 113 [Successfully pitch 2 local projects for OT and fully sold]
2013 TOP 11 [Successfully pitch 2 Iskandar Malaysia Projects for OT]
2012 TOP 156 [Successfully pitch 1 local project for OT and fully sold]
2011 TOP 23
2010 TOP 36
2009 TOP 44
2008 TOP 20
2007 TOP 10
2006 Largest Team in OT ( 2 SGADs and 1 GAD) transact 1st Enblocked property in OT
2005 TOP GAD [Sucessfully pitch 2 local projects for OT and fully sold]

Team Training Designed by Roy
1) Goal Settings & WAP ( work action plan) is a one day course to help agent to identify her weakest chain and know how to improve her revenue and how to maximize profits

2) Come Fly with me...... This course teach you how to be a TOP Producer in Resale Market.

3) Falcons Program is a 4 days training to equip agents to prepare an effective presentation kit and know how to secure 2% exclusive at market price or below market price.

4) Chameleon Program is a 4 days training focus on closing principles and closing techniques.

5) 6 pricing, 4 principles and financial calculation helps to equip agent with the necessary knowledge to lead investors to buy and sell. What is a good buy now and what is the exist strategy.

6) Shop Canvassing and Tel-marketing Training

7) A day Train Manager Training.

8) Basic GTA and Advance GTA Workshop

Roy graduated from Real Estate Faculty in NUS in the 90s, holding an Hons Degree and had helped many investors made millions for the past 19 years. He started as a TOP achiever in the HDB market. In 2001-2003, he transacted many for sale and for rent industrial,warehouse, private condo and landed properties.

He joins Orangetee in August 2003 with 5 associates. In less than 2 years, his Team Strength multiply by 70 times and his Team Sales is one of the highest in the whole Industry at that time. Roy has helped and guide many agents to become Top achievers in HDB, Pte Condo, Landed, Industrial/Warehouse, Commercial and Project Marketing.

In 2006, with the knowledge he acquires in real estate, he begins his advisory role for agents and property owners who desire to multiply their wealth in real estate. His philosophy in investing is to take care of the risks involved and allow the market forces to determine the investment returns. Exercise discipline to enter the market at the lower 20% tiers and exist at the higher 20% tiers.

Roy is a Property Kung Fu Master Coach in Property Connect Alliance(PCA) cum property investor. He is a Senior Associate Executive Director in OrangeTee with more than 20 Years experience in Real Estate. Roy has established PCA with some like minded leaders in Feb 2018. Today PCA has grown from 600 agents to 1800 agents. He has developed a PCA Financial Apps to provide a one stop solution includes Applying Creative Financial Solution, Analysing current trend, future trend, measuring risk, Identifed Good Buy Property and Customize Investment Roadmap.

For the next 5 years, Roy wants to focus on Land, Landed House, Commercial Buildings, Hotels and rare properties like Golf Course and Farm Land.

He wants to help many agents and property leaders in 2 areas.
1st Roy is looking for successors in project marketing. He would like to in part his knowledge of how to pitch and market projects for developers using the right strategy,data, financial vehicles, legal knowledge and wealth management to enhance buyers to buy .
2nd, his successors must willing to learn the know how to build a strong team to acquire 30%-40% market share in the GTA resale market.

Roy believe only 10%(3000) of the agents are making super normal profit and the next 10%(3000) are making normal profit to meet daily needs. The rest of the agents are not productive due to lack of attitude,knowledge and skill. Singapore market is very small........Roy focus is HDB Resale market volume estimated 22,000-25,000 units per yea. Pte Condo, Landed, Commercial and Industrial/Warehouse both new launch and resale volume estimated are 18,000-24,000 units per year. Thus, Total Sales Transaction we estimate are 40,000-49,000 units. Total Rental Transaction we estimate are 60,000 units. Do you want to be in the TOP 10% for the next 3-10 years, then now you got to do the right things. Join Property Connect Alliance, Join Roy Chang.

If you have the desire, I have the formula.
Roy desire is to set up a real estate funds to acquire real estate and to develop real estate in 10-15 years.
Round Table Achievers Award
Training & Experience
Course Name
The Procedures and Documentations of Handling HDB Residential Transactions
JTC Industrial Real Estate Market - Assignment, Renewal & Subletting
Breakthrough: Outperforming Your Best
OrangeTee Business Conference 2019: Partnering for Success Through New Real Estate Digital Ecosystem
Dealing and Resolving Common Tenancy Matters upon Tenancy Agreement (TA) Signed
Estate Agents Act 2010
OrangeTee Business Conference 2018: Transforming Together in the Digital World
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