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Eric Lee
CEA Registration No: R017884I
14 Reviews
More 1200 associates joined our AAG Division ..

Eric Lee & Associates, three (3) of my associates have achieved Top Rookies Awards.
One of them have recorded 90 transactions in an Industrial Project.
Some of us have received quarterly champion 1st position awards.
Some of us have been promoted.

What Have We Done To Achieve These Results??

2016-Champion 1st Position-August-Top Associate Group Director
2017-Champion Associate Group Director
2016-Champion 1st Position-July- Top Associate Group Director
2016-Champion 1st Position-April-Top Associate Group Director
2015-Champion 1st Position-VISION EXCHANGE
2014-Champion 1st Position-VISION EXCHANGE
2015-Champion Top Rookie June Corporate Producer
2014-Champion Top Rookie Annual Producer-V3 Group
2014-Champion 1st Position-November-Top Associate Group Director

Ask Eric Lee 9386 6226 eric/ (Team Building and Business Management) (Vision Exchange-a mixed commercial at Jurong East Interchange) (Jalan Besar Serangoon District 08) (Geyland District 14)

You can Fast Track with us.

Develop your real estate path Career, Team Building and Business Management opportunity with me.
1. I will guide you to Get STARTED and until your transaction is completed
2. I will work with you to Develop Effective Presentation SKILLS for listings and serving your clients
3. I will share with you More Than 5 Powerful Methods to Engage Your PROSPECTS to empower your career development
4. I will provide Tips To GROW your business and build a cohesive team
5. I will help you to Identify Potential LISTINGS to prepare for alternative market opportunities
6. I will Work Together For RESULTS regardless of the market challenges.

Market changes and the past does not represent the present. Hence, before your decide to join any agency or the real estate manager, ask for the past sales transaction records of the latest few months.
Ask if the manager can recommend at least five 5 'references' that you can contact for an opinion.

I will coach you !! AAG Group will also consistently provides essential guidance and coaching programs
My Personal Experience With AAG Group
Since joining Pte Ltd in July 2013, together with his core leaders in Apex Achievers Group (AAG), many associates have benefitted from the sales program, training and support provided by the division.

In AAG, specific skill development training programs such as The 5 Days Awesome GTA and Business Accelerating Program (BAP) are conducted regularly to enhance the professionalism and confidence of the team and division.

Regular networking sessions and team bonding activities are organized to encourage and instill well being of the associates.

These programs and systems provide excellent guidance to the salespersons with the right motivation and skills needed in their real estate business development.

As a team leader, I am committed to coach, mentor and constantly strives to bring his team to achieve peak performance.

Real estate is an evolving industry influence by the global economics and domestic policies.

You will realize that even if you are comfortable with your existing agency, anticipating the uncertain challenges ahead is part of the business.

Hence, it is important that you continue to learn unfair technology skills.

You must be prepared and ready to overcome real estate business challenges with confidence.

If you agree with my proposition, Take Massive Action, Decide To Succeed, Make That Call,
Earn and Learn Immediately. Join Eric Lee 93866226, Join AAG-OT !!

About Eric Lee
With my personal business experience, knowledge, skills and positive mindset, I began to enjoy the new opportunities in Real Estate Business.

In addition to being an entrepreneur who started an engineering business for more than 15 years ago with factories in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines, I have invested in a factory at Kallang and shop outlet at Peace Centre.

Through these exposure, I have gained extensive marketing development knowledge. My business also requires me to travel around South East Asia. Hence, I have the opportunity to explore and invested in commercial retail units in Singapore and Overseas.

Being a certified Advanced Certified Trainer and Assessor (ACTA) under the Workforce Development Authority (WDA-WSQ) framework and a past council member of The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) require commitment and responsibility.
Therefore, I continue to learn from the RES associates, AAG leaders and corporate Orangetee management team to sustain and enhance my real estate business development skills.

Since joining the real estate industry in 2009, more than 30 associates from various ‘country of origin’ eg; Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canadian have joined my team.

Many of these international foreign talents and associates have been consistent top producers and achievers.

These associates are serving clients in District 9, 10 and 11 around Orchard Newton to District 21 at Bukit Timah vicinity.
Commercial and industrial projects are my primary focus and provides promising potential business opportunities amongst our associates.
I must admit that there are better agents, But In Vision Exchange-a mixed commercial office, clinic & food tower,
I am definitely the better agent that you should leverage on.

"AAG - The OrangeTee Division with the Unfair Technological Advantage"

Ask Eric Lee 9386 6226 eric/
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Effective Marketing Tools - How to Impress Clients and Increase Your Sales
Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
Search Engine Marketing (SEM): How to Do It Right
An Essential Guide for Real Estate Agents on Trouble-free Tenancy
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Certificate in Marketing of Commercial Properties
Singapore Industrial Real Estate Market
JTC Industrial Real Estate Market
OrangeTee Business Conference 2018: Transforming Together in the Digital World
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