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Victor Ng
CEA Registration No: R052274D
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When someone talk about the OTT guy that has always services the needs of the people and creates a miracle journey in people’s life, he is no other but Victor Ng, who is an Associate District Director in Orange Tee presently.

Victor was working in a Corporate MNC and possessed vast experiences in Customer Service & Supply Chain Services for more than 10 Years. He later began his entrepreneurship journey from 2005 and is in Education & Empowering individuals to succeed in life business.

Victor Ng started his Real Estate Journey with DWG on 29 Jan 2014 and created countless miracles results and achieved Top Rookie & Producers Awards. He joined Orange Tee in 2015 as an Associate Group Director and together with his partner Yvonne Tan are leading and inspiring a team of more than 40 Associates.

Victor Ng was awarded with numerous awards in his real estate journey. His primary focus is in Residential New Launches (very solid track records – Call 97128668 to find out more), Resale of Private & HDB as well as Rental Markets. He is not only a Producer himself and also an empowering coach that inspire his team to win the Top Rookie & Top Producers awards monthly and quarterly.

Trust, Integrity, Positive Mindset, Positive Energy are his core beliefs and values of how he conducts his business in his real estate and life journey. Victor Ng is also an ACTA Certified Adult Trainer & Assessor and has been conducting classes to share his skill & knowledge in OrangeTee & Tie as well as at subdivision level.

Personally, he has worked with many keen buyers and sellers after deep understanding & analyze of their priority and needs, he will always match people to the right product and match the right product to people. He is competent and definitely the person that can helps you to achieve your goals in life.

CALL NOW: 97128668 For Victor Ng.

Awards & Recognitions:

Top Rookie (DWG):
- Top Rookie Feb 14
- Top Rookie 1st Quarter
- Top Rookie Oct 2014

Top Producer (DWG):
- Top Producer Apr, Sep & Oct 2014
- Top Producer 4th Quarter 2014
- Top Producer Year 2014
- Top Producer 1st Quarter 2015

Top Producer:
Year 2015 - (Orange Tee & Tie)
- Top Producer Sep'15 (28th Position)

Year 2016 - (Orange Tee & Tie)
- Top Producer Jan'16 (21st Position), Feb'16 (25th Position)
- Top Producer 1st Quarter'16 (14th Position)
- Top Producer Jun'16 (9th Position)
- Top Producer 2nd Quarter'16 (12th Position)
- Top Producer Nov'16 (13th Position), Dec'16 (27th Position)
- Top Producer 4th Quarter'16 (17th Position)
- Top Producer Overall 2016 - 12th Position

Year 2016 - (AAG)
- Top Producer 1st Quarter'16 (5th Position)
- Top Producer 2nd Quarter'16 (5th Position)
- Top Producer 4th Quarter'16 (21st Position)
- Top Producer Overall 2016 - 5th Position

Year 2016 - (V3)
- Top Producer Overall 2016 - 7th Position

Top Leader Award:
Year 2016 - (Orange Tee & Tie):
- Top Leader Jan'16 (Champion), Feb'16 (1st Runner-up)
- Top Leader 1st Quarter 2016 (Champion)
- Top Leader Apr'16 (2nd Runner-up), June'16 (Champion)
- Top Leader 2nd Quarter 2016 (1st Runner-up)
- Top Leader Aug'16 & Dec'16 (2nd Runner-up)
- Top Leader 4th Quarter (1st Runner-up)
- Top Leader Overall 2016 - 1st Runner-up

Year 2017:
Top Producer (Orange Tee & Tie)
- Top Producer Jan'17 (7th Position)
- Top Producer 1st Quarter (30th Position)

Year 2017 - (AAG)
- Top Producer 1st Quarter'17 (13th Position)

Top Leader Award (Orange Tee & Tie)
- Top Leader Jan'17 (1st Runner-up)
- Top Leader Apr'17 (Champion)
- Top Leader May'17 (2nd Runner-up)
- Top Leader 2nd Quarter 2017 (1st Runner-up)
- Top Leader Aug'17 (2nd Runner-up)

Star Performer Award
- 4th Quarter 2016
- 1st Quarter 2017

Top Category (Orange Tee)
- Top Residential Project Sales in 2016 - Champion

Seminar Sharing/Training:
- Positive Monday - Jan'16
- Accelerated Specialised Skills Enhancement Training (ASSET) - May 2016
- Smart Wednesday Achievers Talk (SWAT) - Feb 2017
Top 5% Achievers
Top 100 Achievers
Training & Experience
Course Name
Private Leasing & Case Study
A Guide to Effective Selling Process for New Executive Condominiums
OrangeTee Business Conference 2019: Partnering for Success Through New Real Estate Digital Ecosystem
A Guide to Avoid Misrepresentation and Negligence
Develop Insights In Money Laundering (ML) & Financing of Terrorism (FT) Regulations in Real Estate
OrangeTee Business Conference 2018: Transforming Together in the Digital World
Spoken Language(s)
New Launches
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